Ngati Tamaoho descend from among the first peoples of Tamaki and Waikato. Our whakapapa stretches back to the earliest inhabitants of this land and their many descendants.
These people formed groups such as Nga Oho, Nga Iwi and Te Tini o Toi.
Later came a period of migrations from beyond Te Moananui a Kiwa (Pacific Ocean). These were the waka Aotea, Mataatua, Arawa and perhaps most important for Ngati Tamaoho, the
Tainui. The Tainui passed through the Te Waitemata, Te Moananui O Toi and
Te Manukanuka O Hoturoa, leaving several important crew-members behind. These tupuna, including Taikehu, Poutukeka and Rakataura, are vital parts of our people’s whakapapa.
Later internal migrations also had a profound impact on the whakapapa of our people. Perhaps the most important of these is that of Tamaoho, our eponymous tupuna. Tamaoho
travelled widely throughout the Waikato region and beyond. Other important tupuna reestablished themselves in the region, including Haumia, Pohatu, Kokako and Tarao.

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